Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Erin's Back, ALRIGHT!

(Backstreet Boy reference anyone?)

Well hello there long lost blog friends!

Didn't think you'd be seeing me on this random September evening, did you now? I realize the last time you've heard from me, was... errr... well, it looks like February....

Wow. February. THAT was a long time ago...

I feel like millions of things (good and bad... but mostly bad) has happened since I made the decision to put this blog on hold and concentrate on my work-related blog... which was a BIG mistake there, because since doing so, I got laid off.

Oh, and I also had ankle surgery, got my bike stolen, lost my wallet, broke my mac laptop and moved into a crappy apartment that I'm slowly trying to make pretty on well, no money... remember.... I lost my job...

Haha.... I've surprisingly been taking all these things fairly well considering that I've also gained 23 pounds and have no clothes that fit me besides jeggings...

It probably helped the cause that I also got to celebrate the weddings of two of my very best friends....My forever long friend Catherine and my (old) roommate Annie.

But enough of my rambling... here are some pictures that have been taken over the past couple months... emphasis on the some, because... remember.... I destroyed my computer, along with all my pictures....

Here is the 1 green beer I had on St. Patrick's Day. I blogged about this 1 beer on my healthy eating blog. I just happened to leave out the other 9 that weren't green.
I'm pretty proud of this shot I took.



Until next time!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Apologies

Hey guys! If you haven't noticed I've been spending much more blog time on my other blog, geared towards my nutrition job. 

The blog address is Everyday Eating

Its mostly about eating healthy and less about running and less about consuming too many bud lights or frozen yogurt. 

But, just for my roommate.... if I do happen to get "intoxicated" in the next couple of months, and I feel the need to post about it.... I will....?

Haha, have a good day guys

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Identity Crisis.

Hey guys!

Columbus finally got it's first bout of winter the past two days, and per usual, the weathermen ensued panic in all the central Ohioans minds the night before, only for us to wake up to this:
Big whoop. 

But moving upward and onward to my latest career update - if you will. 

Ya'll know I started working at a chiropractic office about 2 months ago. Since then, the nutrition portion of the practice, aka MINE, has really started to take off while taking up a lot of my time... hence the no blogging... (ha, I always have the best excuses!)
Something I really have wanted to make a central part of the nutrition program is a blog. Thinking back to when I started really concentrating on eating right, blogs were a lifesaver for me. The ideas and support were awesome, but what I really loved was how the blogger created personal relationships with their readers - something I would LOVE to create with my patients. 

So what's the problem. Well, here is where my "all or nothing" attitude gets in the way. I love this blog. I would love to love another blog, but I'm finding it difficult to grasp the concept of having two blogs. 
It crossed my mind to just use this blog, but then I remember pictures like this:
Haha. "Hey guys! I want you to stay away from sugar and alcohol, but hey, look what I did... I drank multiple bud lights then went to a bar and drank multiple more!!!"

Ha! Yeah, not quite sure how that would go over. 

OH! And then there is my roommate who is on a constant high because she is reformatting her blog and eating 100 grand candy bars and buckeye chocolate ice cream while doing so. 

What a conundrum. 

Needless to say. I'm in a blog identity crisis. HELP!

From the stares those beautiful Cincinnati Bengals bud light cans are giving me... I'm thinking it's time to transform the blog.... stay tuned. 

p.s. for seriousness though, check out my roommate's blog - it's going to be awesome. AND she is planning a wedding... good stuff. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New Year

Lots of things happened in 2011:

  • ran my 2nd marathon
  • quit my job
  • my friend Kristi got engaged
  • my roommate Annie got engaged
  • my best friend from home got engaged 
  • started a new job
  • went back to school 
So, what other way to celebrate a great year than with great friends:

and of course responsible drinking:

So far 2012 looks like its going to be an AWESOME year too!

Positivity and Health,

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Haha hi guys!

Between the new job and starting up my OWN nutrition program... things have been, well, crazy. I mean sort of. I still have plenty of time to stalk strangers on facebook, and peruse pinterest, ya know... the typical....  

Oh yeah, I also started a cleanse 6 days ago... THAT will get it's own entire post... just wait. 

But for now, haha, here are all the photos I snapped from Christmas.... 

Downtown Christmas Dinner:
(p.s. this is not anything fancy. My family just uses the excuse that everyone is home and that we have to see the downtown Cincinnati fountain square Christmas tree and get burgers and beers at RockBottom Brewery)
The expert and boss taking 30 minutes to choose the right spot.

 (insert imaginary burger... apparently I was too busy inhaling it to take a picture....)

Christmas Cookie Decorating Marathon Slave Labor:
True statement. My mom went lazy on the cookies this year and bought PRE cut-out cookie doughs from GFS.... sure it's easy on her... but she didn't take into account that there were 72 of them....
I suggested we donate them, as the little child of God that I am... but she said they would get eaten.... my bets on them going in the freezer until next Christmas. 

typical baking antics

Oh, yeah, we made like 50 pounds of fudge too...

Christmas Eve:
yep, my brother put my gift in an empty cereal box. opened it up, looked inside, found a giftcard. 
haha, the rents. I had to... they never read this anyways

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning monkey bread

Better late than never, right??!

I'm Alive

I'm alive guys. I know ya'll are worried...

major update coming soon... maybe a new blog I'm switching to for work...

enough gibberish.

Have an AWESOME day :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wednesday = Wine Night?

I had an impromptu night out last night. 

I met up with some friends for some really cheap sushi. 
Cheap meaning not expensive.
Every Wednesday, a local sushi joint has this thing called "Tsunami Night," which means you get select sushi and sushi rolls at half price IF you buy an alcoholic beverage.... which is where the whole wine night comes into play, obviously.
Per usual, I failed as a good blogger and didn't take any pictures of my food.... but if you can picture a glass of pinot noir, a spicy tuna roll and avocado salmon roll... you're golden. 

And since wine night doesn't mean just 1 glass... we decided to end the night at a neat little neighborhood bar for just 1 more drink....well, we stopped because one of my friends had a second date later in the evening and needed to blow some time ... details, schmetails.
AnyWHO... the bar we stopped at just happened to have half off all wine, which is perfect, you know, considering it was wine night and all....
At this point I would love to say that I went home, made some hot tea, crawled into my pajamas and read a book... but somehow I ended up at a Mexican restaurant with a pitcher of house margarita sitting in front of me....

Don't worry.... I spent more time interrogating my friend's mystery man and his 3 friends than I did sucking down tequila... and while I did end up crawling into my pajamas shortly later, it was peppermint ice cream, not hot tea that I had... and the whole reading a book concept turned into a late night session of Facebook stalking.... which actually looks like a lot of my nights....

But on that note, time to enjoy my morning coffee and figure out what's for breakfast :)

Be Spontaneous,